Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tiffany Pink

I had such a fun time decorating my little girl's room when she was born.  It is something I have envisioned even before the thought of having a baby even crossed my mind.  At the time, I was all about the light pink and black, but to be honest I am a little over it.  I still love it, but would be willing to change it up a little (if my husband wouldn't kill me).  Those stripes on the wall almost caused a divorce.  Two "A" personalities trying to paint perfect stripes makes for a bad time!  Luckily, we made it without killing each other and have been enjoying the room ever since!


I love the stripes on the wall because the colors are so light.  They don't scream STRIPES!  When we were picking out paint I described what I wanted as a Tiffany pink, if Tiffany made a pink color.

Bought the frame from IKEA, added fabric that matches her blanket and then painted a big "M" for her name obviously.

My very 1st sewing project.  I couldn't find any bedding that I liked, so I figured I would just make my own.

My favorite part of her room!  The customized canvas.

I added an apothecary jar to hold all of her bows and then made these fun blocks from my favorite pictures of her.

These were so fun to make.  Hobby Lobby or basically any craft store sells wood blocks.  I picked out scrapbook paper that would match her room and then just Modge Podged the paper and pictures to the blocks.  I then sanded the edges and added some ink to the sanded edges to make them look old.

Love my maternity pics.  This was such a wonderful time in my life.  Can you actually believe I loved being pregnant!  The picture of her in the background is from her first "job".  She was asked to be a model in the Winter 2011 Nartjie catalogue.

I just recently picked up this chair from Home Goods.  I am so excited they just built one so close to my house.  Or maybe I should say scared they built one so close to my house. 

We'll just forget this room exists.  I really do try to keep it neat and organized, but with a two year old it is always a losing battle!
Thanks for going on a tour of my little one's room with me!


Rachel and Dan Schmalz said...

Love the picture blocks! Just might have to do that :)

The Peterson Family said...

I love the blocks too! I luv all yur ideas! I can't wait now until Bryns room is ready for a makeover.

Lenzi Woodbury said...

I COVET her room! Like for me...if I didn't have a husband.... ;) maybe I just need a daughter & I'll do the exact same room. Seriously love it Ash. You're amazing.

Anna said...

Gorgeous! Please come share this at the Weekend Warrior Link Party going on now: http://www.askannamoseley.com/search/label/Weekend%20Warrior%20Link%20Party

I'm going to Pin this because I need to make some of those blocks for my daughter's room!!!


Marianne said...

I saw your picture blocks on A Lemon Squeezy Home. They are adorable! What a great nursery.

I'm a new blogger. Please stop by http://www.hillandbend.blogspot.comand say hello

Marianne said...

I'm so embarrassed! I saw you on A Bowl Full of Lemons, not A Lemon Squeezy Home! They're both on my blog list and I got confused. Ay yi yi!

Creative Raisins said...

Wow what a beautiful bedroom, any little girl would be thrilled to have that room.


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