Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Front Door

I don't think the decorations are what stands out on Shellie's house, but they do accessorize it quite well.  Don't we all wish the front of our house could look like this?  Obviously the vines have been growing for years and years, but a gal can dream can't she?

The fall decor is like a perfect pair of earrings that just completed the most amazing outfit.  In this post we are going to focus on the front door and will get to all of the other fall goodies she has on her porch later.

The wreath has been recycled from previous years and touched up.  It definitely wasn't as full and beautiful as it is now.  That's what we love about decorating!  You can find something with potential and make it your own.

Shellie added the "H" by attaching it with ribbon.  Now, this was just a plain old "H" she found at Hobby Lobby.  She spiced it up with Krylon's glitter spray paint in green.  It definitely "POPS" now!

So we would like to challenge you to find something with potential and make it your own.  Whether you already have the item or find something in a store, it is amazing what you can do with a little elbow grease and some creativity!

Ashlie just finished her fall wreath and will be sharing that with The House Undone readers next.  Hope you like it!  It was made from scratch using inspiration from Pinterest!



Susan said...

I love fall decorating! I have been seeing wreaths with letters on them all over pinterest, I am dying to get a K for one of ours. We just got a hobby lobby here in our area, I'm going to have to go there! :)

Anna said...

The wreath is beautiful.

You should add a link party ( to the bottom of the next wreath reveal so that you can see how others have re-purposed their items. I definitely have a few things I'd link up. :)


Jennie Young said...

I love the idea of putting an initial in the middle of the wreath! Very cute! I found you on the Bowl Full of Lemons link party.


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