Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lack of Excitement

I apologize for the lack of excitement on The House Undone for the last few days.
Reasons for the lack of excitement:
1.  Big projects are in store
2.  Major blog overhaul underway (can't wait to show you!)
3.  Giveaway organization in progress

Related to item #1.  I posted about wanting a complete office overhaul here.  Well, I have found my inspiration and my office (and life) are a complete mess right now.  Between the construction workers in my house and my entire office spilling out into the rest of my home, I haven't been in the mood to start a new project until this one is finished.  It is turning out AMAZING and I can't wait to show you!  If you live in the Salt Lake area and are looking for an amazing painter/carpenter look no further.  Email me at and I will give you his contact info.

On to my mess of an office!  This is more like an all purpose room...and it's hold junk!

Do you see my most amazing helper?  This is the beginning of my purge of junk! 

Here you see: folding table (unfinished project and school work), shelf (dvd's and school books), corner of crap (exactly what it is), baby (cutest thing in this entire world!)

Decor next to window, husbands treadmill, golf bag, softball gear and an old Easter decoration that I have no idea what to do with!

Desk, printer, silhouette, computer, shelf thing and dumb iron wall hanging.  Not that I don't like the iron piece, but it is completely lost on this wall.

Can you see my frustration?

Again, the corner of crap!

Closet that is home to my husbands massive collection of clothes that no longer fit in the master bedroom, craft supplies, books, wrapping paper, fabric, etc.
 As you can see a major overhaul is in order so that I can gain back my sanity.  The overall need for this room is an office but maybe one day house a son....I'm not hinting at anything, but if we have a son we need somewhere to put him!
Hint on where I am going with this office

I would love to show you progress pictures now, but the hubs isn't allowed to enter the office because it is kind of a surprise for him.  So in order to keep it a surprise, I obviously can't post anything here.  Just know that The Home Depot carries all the sports teams "official" paint colors (NFL, NBA, Nascar, College, MLS, etc).  How amazing is that!?!  

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CAS said...

Good luck on the office redo. I have a room challenge facing me as well. We just moved into a new house, & one of the bedrooms will be my studio (I'm a crafter, sewer, quilter). Right now it is pretty well filled with unpacked boxes, but needs painting before I unpack, so you can see my challenge. It's going to be fun, but lots of moving & maneuvering. Anyway, I just discovered your blog via ABFOL & have become a new follower. Hope you'll visit my blog & follow back if you like what you see.
:) CAS


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