Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Old Bathroom

If you are familiar with the Sugar House area at all, you know you can find beautiful older homes that have been completely remodeled.  Although they may be smaller in size, they go for a pretty penny on the market due to their beautiful characteristics.

Without a lot of room, sometimes you have to get creative with storage.  In this bathroom, we mastered the "small" issue and created as much storage room as possible.

Jewelry cabinet holds just that as well as smaller toiletries.  Don't you love the tile on the floor!

We maximized the space in the closet by adding baskets to keep everything organized.

Functional and beautiful at the same time!

This is top-secret, but we purchased most of the baskets at Goodwill for around $9.

Those necessary accessories are right within reach and actually look really pretty.

All photos taken by Thru My Lenz Photography


Jenny said...

beautiful! love your blog

Chris said...

What a charming bathroom! So it's not the biggest room in the house. Big deal. I think you did wonders with it, and even in a small space, there's so many cute things to look at. Well done!


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