Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Designing Services - Mood Boards

We thought because we are doing a giveaway here for one of our mood boards we should probably explain how the process works and what our customers receive.  We have had a few questions sent our way and now is the perfect time to explain. 

If you haven't entered or don't win and would still like to do a mood board please contact
The House Undone for a consultation.

1.  We will email you our mood board form that asks basic questions about the room.  Obviously we need to know the details...
2.  We will begin pulling product and creating your mood board.  We want to make sure you are comfortable with the products we are pulling so we like to get a ballpark estimate on your budget.  It wouldn't be much fun if our board was over your budget.
3.  We will send you a draft mood board so you can see what you like and what you don't.  We typically do one redo but of course if there are little changes we are happy to do whatever we need to to ensure our customers are happy.
4.  After changes are made, we will send you a finalized mood board.  This comes with the mood board, room layout, product and price list.  That way you can begin purchasing the products at your convenience.  If you can't purchase everything at's yours to do whatever you want with it.
5.  We also will consult with you after the products are purchased if you have any questions.  Obviously, with us not actually designing your room in person some things may need to be adjusted once purchased.

Below is an example of our initial mood board for a client.

After their initial review, we came up with something that is exactly what they wanted.  Our main goal is to make the client happy because it is your house after all!

We are providing our full services to this client by ordering the product and installing it in their home.  If you are interested in our full designing services, please email The House Undone for a consultation.

Thanks and good luck to all those that entered!

We truly appreciate our readers and our clients.  We couldn't do this without you!

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Very cool!
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