Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Favorite Feature - Ask Anna!!

Yes!  I mean Anna Moseley from Ask Anna!

She is the sweetest and most knowledgeable girl I know when it comes to cleaning, organizing and everything else that comes with being a mom, wife and blogger.  If this girl wasn't so far away from me (California) I just know she would be one of my best gals.  We have so much in having 2 year old girls!

I put myself out there and asked if she would be willing to participate in The House Undone's "Get Featured" and to my amazement she said YES!...I secretly knew she would because she has a heart of gold!  You are just going to die when you see her entryway that is not only beautiful but also functional for her family.

Here's what Anna had to say about her favorite feature:

What is your favorite feature in your home?
I have lots of favorite features in my home but most of them are in partial-makeover mode.  One of my most favorite places is our entryway.  When we moved in it was actually the room I liked the least because our house is old and the ceiling in the entryway is only about 7 1/2' tall.  This made me crazy so I decided to go big and bold to distract from the fact that it feels like the roof is closing in on you!

How did you come up with your favorite feature?
When I decided to go big and bold I was first thinking I'd paint it red.  Then after much consideration I thought red might make it look smaller.  Instead I decided on bright white and a rich, chocolate brown.  The guy at the paint counter actually tried to talk me out of buying the brown, he obviously didn't know who he was dealing with! :)  My plan was to paint vertical stripes (to make the room seem taller) but my husband was convinced it would look like a prison jumper (he has little design faith) so I went with the horizontal stripes instead.  I'm glad I went with the horizontal stripes because I feel like they draw you into the house.  They make you want to keep walking, to see more of the home.  The stripes are so beautiful that people don't even notice the low ceiling anymore.
What inspires you about your favorite feature?
The thing I love about this room is that it's bold but inviting, it's a beautiful first impression of our home.  It's also a very functional space for our family.  I have a "no shoes" rule in our home so in this small space I have multiple storage spaces for our shoes.  There is also a place for our keys so we never have to search for them, and there are hangers for our guests' coats and purses.  Being able to have such a beautiful and functional space makes me happy every time I walk in the door to our home!

Hello!  I want to run out this second to buy brown paint!!  I told you it was amazing!

I have one of these key hooks and have been lazy about hanging it up.  Not anymore!  It is going up tonight!!

Love the different tones and textures!  Why do people think that gold and silver can't go together?  Hello!  It is amazing!

What pretty organization!  I have a love for pretty baskets!

No excuses for not putting stripes on your walls.  Can you see that texture? And yet the stripes are completely crisp and clean.
Nice way to say I don't want you tracking dirt all over my house!  Love it!

Another beautiful way to hide all of those shoes that collect by the door.

Again, a huge thanks to Anna from Ask Anna for participating in The House Undone's favorite feature!  Go check out her blog now!  You'll be amazed at all of the amazing stuff you will learn.

Would you like to be next on The House Undone's favorite feature?  Of course you do!  Visit this link for instructions.  We would love to have you!

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Anna said...

Yay, I love it! Thank you for all of the sweet things you said about me, you know I feel the same way. :)



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