Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favorite Feature - Jennifer

Sorry we have been absent a little lately.  We have been super busy designing for clients that our little blog has been neglected.  We are designing 2 houses and other various rooms and that has us spinning our wheels.  Can't wait to show you what we are doing!

Thanks to Jennifer from Simcoe Street for submitting her absolutely amazing kitchen!  I wish so badly the hubs would let me paint our cabinets white....or maybe black....I haven't decided yet.  Go check out Jennifer's blog right now!

Thanks Jennifer! 

What is your favorite feature?
We live in a tiny condo in the heart of downtown Toronto. My favourite feature of our little home is our kitchen. We are a corner unit in our big building, and the kitchen is full of windows and is always the brightest spot in the house. 

How did you come up with your favorite feature?
We loved the windows and the light when we moved in. It also had good bones: solid wood cabinets, granite counter tops, and nice tiled floor. We were less enthused about the colour of said cabinets, despised the light pink walls, hated the brassy light fixture and ancient vertical blinds, and wanted the space to feel lighter and fresher. We also want all new stainless steel appliances, but that will have to wait a while. For now, with little more than sandpaper, paint, a $30 light fixture & super cheap Ikea curtain panels, we've made it feel much more like us. The cabinets got a coat of whitish-grey paint, walls were painted a darker grey, the light was swapped, blinds disappeared, and sheer curtains were hung. 

What inspires you about your favorite feature?
Like many people, I feel like the kitchen is the hardest working room in the house and the heart of every home. Ours is still a work in progress, in need of a few more touches (we're on the hunt for the right rug, for example. And, in the last photo, you can see our dollar store frame gallery wall - frames re-used from our wedding day - which I'm just about finished with). I think I love that it is still evolving. This is also where I spend a lot of my time -- cooking, baking, hanging with my baby boy (he even bathes in here in a little baby tub or in the sink), studying, or enjoying a glass of wine with my husband when baby Benjamin goes to sleep. It is also filled with things I love, like china that we received for our wedding (housed in an Ikea bookcase that we've used as a china cabinet). Lastly. this is often where I sit and blog, so I'm glad it is a space that is cozy, fresh, and fun. 

More about our kitchen, including pics of how it looked before, can be found on my blog,

I told you it was amazing!  It makes me jealous that I don't have beautiful windows in my kitchen.  Everything seems so dark and depressing!

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Anna said...

Wow, it's beautiful!


Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Thank you so much for this post! I'm so happy to be included in your favorite feature series. I posted about it on my blog :)


..::k.toms::.. said...

I loooove it!! (but you know me & white kitchens ;)
And look at her view out the windows?! Amazing!


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