Thursday, October 27, 2011

{ DESIGN SERVICES } - Las Vegas Client

We recently had a client contact us from Las Vegas that had some serious concerns about her rental home and wanted our help.  They were only there temporarily and the landlord wouldn't allow major changes like paint, etc. so we did the best we could with what we had.  We love how it turned out but most importantly the client loves that her temporary houses looks more like her. 

They have a pretty large family with younger kids so storage was a must.

Here is our initial mood board that was approved by the client on the very first go!

We love that it has a lot of color and pattern.  You will see that this house is all beige and was screaming for color.

All design decisions were done with the client over email and phone calls.  We didn't step one foot in Vegas for this job....believe me....we were sad!

 I think I am a rule breaker in the interior design world because I like to pick my rug and pillow fabric first!  You know how what you learn in school doesn't have much truth to what you do in the real world?  I like to pick the rug first because I think when you fall in love with a rug sometimes it helps you with the inspiration for the rest of the room.  It's harder to match a rug with the furniture and accessories.  It's easier for me to find the rug and pillows and match the accessories to them.  Make sense?


No, this adorable baby wasn't originally in the design but I think he "goes" quite well with the mood.

Unfortunately, the landlord wouldn't let us "tweak" this wonderful wallpaper.  It does look 1000 X better though!

Like I said before, storage was a must and it was like this piece from IKEA was made for this alcove.  We literally had 1/2 an inch on each side.  It was just meant to be!

This holds more than you actually think.  The boxes are really deep and wide.  I have one in my house and it is so convenient to stock one bin with diapers and wipes in those times where you are too lazy to walk the 20 feet to the bedroom (which is 100% of the time in my house).  Toy clean up is a breeze.  In fact, my little one loves to pull out the bins and put her toys back.
 More storage space for pictures, mementos, etc.  This piece was original to the client so we just spiffied it up a bit.

 We threw in these bold vases so your eyes were instantly drawn away from the gorgeous wall paper.

In love with these pillows!  Thankfully, my client is pretty talented with the sewing machine so I was able to order the fabric and ship it right to her.  She whipped these babies out in no time!


 And there you have it....a temporary solution to a temporary space.  Even if you are just renting it doesn't mean you can't have a space you enjoy.  All of these pieces will go amazing in their next permanent home.

Thanks to our wonderful clients for making The House Undone possible!


Anna said...

I LOVE it! I love seeing the mood board "come to life".


Lenzi Woodbury said...

YAY! I'm so glad my awful living room was touched by your amazing design company! I LOVE IT! Now for the missing drapes & that dang lamp shade! I will recommend you to anyone I know. I was skeptical that we could get it done via e-mail but it was a piece of cake! Thanks House Undone for helping my place look 1,000x better! Now, onto my kitchen or bedroom??? ;)

Annie Harper said...

Ummmm hi. WHERE IS THAT RUG FROM!?! I love it!!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

It looks amazing! Great job!



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