Thursday, November 10, 2011

{ MOOD BOARD } - Meighan

This client won The House Undone giveaway on Ask Anna.  We were so excited to do this for her and came up with some great ideas to not only fit her style but also fit her life.

Her one must have....needs a bed somewhere in the room for her puppy.  So cute!

We moved the furniture around a little to balance out the room.  Imagine drawing lines that go horizontally and vertically and that cross in the middle of the room so basically you are making 4 quadrants.  You want to make sure that all 4 spaces feel like they have equal weight. 
By "weight" we mean size and quantity of furniture.

We were a little lopsided in this room but quickly fixed that by moving the chest of drawers to the West wall.
Oh and couldn't forget the puppy bed in the corner!  That's actually the first thing that client noticed when we sent her the finished layout.

She described her style as traditional but yet eclectic.  We decided that the furniture takes on the traditional piece but the accessories needed to be fun, colorful and represent her young spirit.

We were so excited that she loved it!

What do you think?  We can't wait to see the after pictures!

Thanks Meighan, you were so fun to work with!

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