Thursday, December 1, 2011

{ DESIGN SERVICES } - Bathroom Redo

We recently did a master bathroom and powder bathroom redo in a clients home.  For a single guy, it was pretty feminine for his taste.  We not only made it masculine but also made it perfect to sale.  He is looking to sell his home in a couple of years, so with a few changes and accessories it is perfect for potential buyers.


Mac said...

You have beautiful window curtains.

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Anna said...

Great job girls! I love the photo above the tub. And the towel holder on the counter, so creative. :)


shelena said...

Great job for such a great design to decorating the house with lively colors on it. but my eyes stop viewing when i see the towel handle it seems so rusty or it's also a design?

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Shellie and Ashlie said...

Thanks for your comment Shelena! It actually is an antique piece that we thought would add some character to the bathroom. The client absolutely loved it! Thanks for visiting us!!

Michelle Smith said...

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