Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{ DESIGN SERVICES } - Living Room & Nursery

This wonderful client already had an amazingly beautiful home so it was hard to really add anything.  Although they had the foundation of the rooms complete, they needed a few accessories to spruce up the space. 
We had so much working on this project!

For the living room, we added a few splashes of color in the accessories and pillows.  The mirrors are going to be layered on the fireplace along with the turquoise vases.

I wish I had a boy, because if I did this would be his room.  We are using the cases to store fun books.  We layered the rugs to provide a little more coverage for the carpet.  We absolutely loved the skin rug, but thought it would be fun to layer another grey rug underneath it.  I love this room because it looks sophisticated and the items can change with his age.


..::k.toms::.. said...

Oh I love the nursery!
Love me some gray & mustard combo!
Where is that crib bedding from?

Anna Correy said...

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