Monday, December 26, 2011


First of all, we hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

One of my favorite things to do after Christmas is put all of my decorations away.  I know, that seems really strange but I love the feel of my clean simple house after everything is put away.  I like it call it "refreshing".  It is a perfect excuse to move things around and use items that have been tucked away in the closet for a few months.  I am in the process of "refreshing" right now and will share pictures as soon as I am done.  I love the feeling of a newly organized and rearranged living room.  Doesn't it feel like an entirely different room when you just rearrange a few items you already have?

I was looking at Pinterest today for some organizational inspiration and of course I was completely overwhelmed by all of the wonderful ideas.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people have repined my DVD organization.  It always makes you feel good when you can make someone else's life a little easier.

My other resolution....

Cooking!  I absolutely hate it and as a result my family eats out way too much.  I'm going to try cooking at least 3 times a week.  I've got a few cooking ideas off of Pinterest, but would love any suggestions of good sites to visit that are super easy.  Crock pot cooking is preferable because then I can just throw it in before I go to work.

Thanks for your help!  I would love to hear your resolutions.


Anna said...

Ah, glad I made your resolution list. :) I have a link to help you out with your recipes:

If you go back to the oldest posts I have some great (& easy) recipes that I promise you'll love. I also have a ton more that I haven't posted so you can always email me. :)


Colleen said...

I already started to put stome of ours away! I feel the same way. One of my resolutions is to get my photographs organized. I am just about ready to pull the trigger on Becky Higgins Project Life. I need order!

Jackie said...

You totally need it is the absolute BEST menu plan ever. It is so easy and healthy with meals that are tasty. We love it.

Shellie and Ashlie said...

Thanks Jackie for the suggestion! I'll definitely check it out!


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