Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Simple Things Matter – Sneak Peek

We are so excited to share just a few of the ideas we have been working on!    Besides designing actual room projects, we have also been working on a lot of single projects.  These ideas can light up any room in your house, but with very little cost.  Be sure to visit The House Undone Blog again for lots more ideas coming soon.  If you would like to know how or what we used to make some of these ideas, feel free to email us at

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Once Upon A Time….

I sprung this project on my husband about a week in advance of getting started.  This nearly caused a divorce because I told him that we could handle it without him and he wouldn’t have to do any of the work.  Well needless to say we did end up needing his help, he was not a happy camper but in the end he absolutely loves our new beautiful bedroom.

As you can see the walls were a dull beige color and everything was dark from the furniture, curtains and bedding.  The winter scene outside the windows certainly didn’t help!  Because the house is so old there was a lot of patching to do on the walls and since the walls are made of plaster, I recommend using Behr’s Ultra Primer and Paint in One.  It worked great for coverage and imperfections on the walls.

We started with giving the whole room a fresh coat of paint and using an accent color on a couple of the walls.  As you can see we tore the fan light apart and added a ceiling molding to give the lamp added appeal.  The light was originally all brown with a tan light fixture.  We used spray paint and Martha Stewart’s metallic paint to give it a new face lift.

Next, we used a stencil and the same Martha Stewart’s metallic paint to stencil the walls using a dauber brush.  Tip: You will want to wipe off the excess paint on a paper towel to prevent it from running underneath your stencil.  The stencil was really easy to use since it came with instructions, so I would say we did quite well for being our first time.

Pretty soon you have a completed wall that looks like a work of art.  It literally only took us one day to complete!

After all the painting and stenciling was complete, it was time for the fun stuff!  We started with buying the bedding, fabric for pillows and accessories to give the room a final touch.
Happily Ever After!

Remember the fan light?  Look how gorgeous it looks now; it’s like a brand new light for very little cost.  Also the rectangle mirror on the wall was a black frame, so we painted it with silver spray paint to make it pop out from the dark wall.  The black frames on the wall were in my garage tucked away with pictures of my kids when they were little.  We took some of the same fabric we bought for the pillows and used it for the backing of the pictures, and then we used Ashlie’s handy Silhouette Machine to print the vinyl letters and place on top of the glass.  They turned out beautifully for virtually no cost!

From there we started accessorizing with things that we loved, to give the room that romantic feel and a place that we call our sanctuary.

We finished with a few minor details to give the room that final touch.  The drawer knobs were on sale for half price at Hobby Lobby and the chains for the light were very inexpensive at Home Depot.  We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our latest project and we welcome you to come back for more projects in the works.

All photos taken by Thru My Lenz photography

Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to Shellie's House

Over the next few weeks we will be showing you a few of the recent projects that have been done in this beautiful bungalo in Sugar House, Utah.  It has been completely redone from top to bottom.  We thought we would start in the front yard because let's face it, it is beautiful!

When you think of turning a house undone into a house complete, it should start from the outside in.  You can take a simple flower bed and turn it into an immediate eye catcher by planting a lot of color and variety of flowers or flowering shrubs.  Also if you have a porch or entry way to your front door, it’s refreshing to see ideas that give you that sense of warmth.  There is no better way to welcome your guests before they’ve even entered through your front door.

The beautiful vine has practically taken over the house!  It has to be cut back from the windows every summer.

Obviously someone lives here with an exception green thumb!  Those colors are beautiful!

Can't you just wait until we go inside!  The inside is just as beautiful.

All photos taken by Thru My Lenz Photography

Friday, August 26, 2011

September 1st can't come fast enough!

I'm sorry to say this, but I can't wait for summer to be over!  Fall is definitely my favorite season.  Sweaters, boots, pumpkins, little ghosts and goblins and falling leaves make me smile.

Check out all of the fun fall ideas from Pinterest!  The possibilities are endless.  Can I take one of each please?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Favorite Feature - Rachel

This favorite feature is near and dear to my heart!  There is nothing in this world that can compare to preparing for your new baby.  Rachel and Dan (her husband) did this all on their own.  Not only is the board and batten amazing, so is the paint color!

Why this is Rachel's Favorite Feature...

My favorite feature in my house is the Accent Paneling in the baby nursery. It was a REALLY easy to do and I LOVE how it turned out! Here are the reasons why it's my favorite:

1. It was for my sweet baby boy Beau
2. It was something that my husband and I did together
3. It was the 1st real "project" that we have done in this house since we have lived here

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Sneak Peek

We are so excited for our latest project that I had to give you a little sneak peek!  Thanks Lenzi with Thru My Lenz for taking such amazing pictures!  More to come very soon!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tiffany Pink

I had such a fun time decorating my little girl's room when she was born.  It is something I have envisioned even before the thought of having a baby even crossed my mind.  At the time, I was all about the light pink and black, but to be honest I am a little over it.  I still love it, but would be willing to change it up a little (if my husband wouldn't kill me).  Those stripes on the wall almost caused a divorce.  Two "A" personalities trying to paint perfect stripes makes for a bad time!  Luckily, we made it without killing each other and have been enjoying the room ever since!


I love the stripes on the wall because the colors are so light.  They don't scream STRIPES!  When we were picking out paint I described what I wanted as a Tiffany pink, if Tiffany made a pink color.

Bought the frame from IKEA, added fabric that matches her blanket and then painted a big "M" for her name obviously.

My very 1st sewing project.  I couldn't find any bedding that I liked, so I figured I would just make my own.

My favorite part of her room!  The customized canvas.

I added an apothecary jar to hold all of her bows and then made these fun blocks from my favorite pictures of her.

These were so fun to make.  Hobby Lobby or basically any craft store sells wood blocks.  I picked out scrapbook paper that would match her room and then just Modge Podged the paper and pictures to the blocks.  I then sanded the edges and added some ink to the sanded edges to make them look old.

Love my maternity pics.  This was such a wonderful time in my life.  Can you actually believe I loved being pregnant!  The picture of her in the background is from her first "job".  She was asked to be a model in the Winter 2011 Nartjie catalogue.

I just recently picked up this chair from Home Goods.  I am so excited they just built one so close to my house.  Or maybe I should say scared they built one so close to my house. 

We'll just forget this room exists.  I really do try to keep it neat and organized, but with a two year old it is always a losing battle!
Thanks for going on a tour of my little one's room with me!


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