Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Front Door

I don't think the decorations are what stands out on Shellie's house, but they do accessorize it quite well.  Don't we all wish the front of our house could look like this?  Obviously the vines have been growing for years and years, but a gal can dream can't she?

The fall decor is like a perfect pair of earrings that just completed the most amazing outfit.  In this post we are going to focus on the front door and will get to all of the other fall goodies she has on her porch later.

The wreath has been recycled from previous years and touched up.  It definitely wasn't as full and beautiful as it is now.  That's what we love about decorating!  You can find something with potential and make it your own.

Shellie added the "H" by attaching it with ribbon.  Now, this was just a plain old "H" she found at Hobby Lobby.  She spiced it up with Krylon's glitter spray paint in green.  It definitely "POPS" now!

So we would like to challenge you to find something with potential and make it your own.  Whether you already have the item or find something in a store, it is amazing what you can do with a little elbow grease and some creativity!

Ashlie just finished her fall wreath and will be sharing that with The House Undone readers next.  Hope you like it!  It was made from scratch using inspiration from Pinterest!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Favorite Feature - Rachel T.

When Rachel sent me the pictures of her favorite feature in her home I about fell out of my chair!  I have been in love with these mirrors at Ballard Designs for so long!  Can you believe she made those topiaries by hand?!?.....and she has 3 young boys!  I guess I don't have any excuses for not getting my projects done.

Here's what Rachel had to say about her favorite feature:

This is my favorite space because I stuck with a pretty broad group of colors (Greens, Yellows, Browns and Reds) so it feels alive.  I have a basic leather sectional, but the green upholstered chair (custom.. by me) and wicker ottoman from Pottery Barn really make it feel unique and personalized.  I love the mixture of textures and the areas in the bird cage and above my armoire can be changed out for seasons.  To the left I have my piano with the Garden mirrors from Ballard and the Topiaries (home made). I had a lot of "busy-ness" already in the room, and since this is our main living area, I didn't want to over-accessorize since toys, shoes and bags end up in this room A LOT!  I tried to keep this space very simple. I spend the most amount of time here since it is attached to the kitchen, and I love how cozy it makes me feel. 

Can you believe she reupholstered that chair by herself!  I absolutely love the birdcage with the frames.  What a fantastic idea!

Thanks so much Rachel for sharing your favorite feature and your beautiful home!

Would you like to be featured?  Click the Get Featured link at the top of our page.  The House Undone would love to share your favorite feature!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Mantel Ideas

We are switching gears from our spooky Halloween post here.  Even though Shellie and I design together, in some ways we couldn't be more different!  Her Halloween decor is taking on more of a fall theme, which I guess is much better because you can leave it up for 3 months versus mine that I am going to have to change at the end of October.  Oh well! I love me some Halloween decor!

The first thing we are going to look at is her mantel ideas.  As you can see, there isn't a lot needed to make this mantel beautiful, it is beautiful on its own.  By adding a few leaves, acorns, pumpkins and berries it has been instantly changed.  The lantern was added to give it a little dimension.

The fall accessories where actually part of a fall garland we found at Tai Pan and we completely dissected.  It was easier to have individual pieces to manipulate and put where we wanted instead of trying to deal with a single piece of garland.  Have you ever tried to get garland to do exactly what you want in a small space?  Impossible! 
Here is another mantel idea from Shellie's basement.  The basement is sooooo dark, so I am most excited that I got some pictures to actually show you have beautiful it is!  I should have used my tripod but I completely forgot it, so forgive me for the pictures not being 100% clear.
The bronze canisters add a little shine to the rustic mantel and fireplace.  I love it when two completely different textures are shown in the same space to give it a little dimension.  I like to think of them as earrings.  They just sass up the entire outfit.

This is basically the same concept she used on the other mantel.  She just dissected a different type of garland and sorted its pieces into the best locations.

The thing I love most about these spaces are the warmth they bring to the room.  They make you want to turn on the fire, cuddle in a blanket with a good book and cup of coffee.

I am so excited for fall!!

The Lettered Cottage


Organize and Decorate Everything

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trick or Treat!

I just finished decorating my first Halloween "area"!  I figure instead of decorating the entire house that I would stick with areas that have a theme.  I'm sure you can guess what theme I went with here.

 Significant difference don't you think?  I love the way it turned out!  Like I said before, my 2 year old wont go anywhere near it.  Which makes it easy to keep it this way the entire season.  Can you guess my theme?  Yep.  Not very hard to figure out.

Most of the items used were from Michael's and Joanne's.  Martha Stewart's line has so many fun Halloween accessories. 

The two photos were purchased at Joanne's. 

I got the idea for the small skeleton heads from the one and only Pottery Barn.  The mesh table runner is from Martha Stewart's craft line.

The wreath and tags were all purchased at Tai Pan Trading last year.

 I was all prepared to make my own banner but due to Martha herself it wasn't necessary!  Woohoo!  Did you notice the mirror?  It went from blah brown to a bright white.  It brightens up the space so much more!

What do you think about my skeleton area?  I think it turned our pretty cute....or maybe I should say SPOOKY!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Blue Deer & Halloween Part 1

Before I get started, I just have to share some exciting news!  We were featured on Little Blue Deer!  She is the most amazing woman who designed our new blog layout!  She is not only talented but one of the sweetest people we have met!  Please check out her work and leave some love!  Thanks again Shari!

Hello!  Sorry the posts have been few and far between this week, but I had a little princess that was going to Disneyland for the very 1st time and I couldn't drag myself away!

Can you blame me?

At the Princess lunch with Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Halloween/fall decorating is in full swing!  It is so much fun!  I absolutely love Halloween and fall, which makes this season my favorite to decorate! 

Here is the area I am starting off with.  It is a little nook in my living room that frankly I am not that fond of anyway.  The moment I bought and hung the mirror I felt like it was too dark.  So, in the after pictures (posted soon) you will see a definite change to the mirror.  This IKEA organizer holds all of the little ones toys.  Don't you love when functionality and style fall in love?
Hate the mirror!

I was so happy to see that A Bowl Full of Lemons has the exact same basket on her kitchen counter!  I must be doing something right!

Doesn't it just look like a wall of brown??
I am almost finished changing up this area for Halloween and will update pictures very soon!  It is turning out very spooky.  In fact, my 2 year old is having a hard time getting out her toys because it is freaking her out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Simple Things That Matter – Bird Cages

I was able to find these bird cages at TJ Max for a ridiculously low price!  They make a wonderful arrangement outside on my patio.  I plan to use them in my house during the winter, but haven’t gotten that far yet on what I plan to do with them. 

The large cage I used moss and candles which cost me less than $20.00.

The middle size cage I took a small fern with some grass, I found both at Hobby Lobby for less than $5.00.

The small one I used the same grass and a ceramic bird that I also found at Hobby Lobby for less than $10.00.

I think they turned out beautifully!


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