Tuesday, January 3, 2012


First of all, let me preface this by saying this is not a food, cooking, or recipe blog and never will be but I have found an amazing site and just have to share it. 

Thanks to one of our amazing clients, (Thanks Jackie!) my dinner woes are over!

Introducing E-Mealz!
(I was not paid for this, I just love them that much)

What are they all about?

Why E-Mealz

The ultimate goal of E-Mealz and their core belief is reflected in their organization, Make Time For Family (maketimeforfamily.org), through which they are booked for speaking engagements and publish articles. Jane and Jenny have found that parents fall into two categories:

1) Those who did not grow up with family dinnertime and therefore don't have a vision for what it can be, or
2) Those who did grow up with family dinnertime, but since current lifestyles are so busy and fragmented, struggle to duplicate their childhood experience and pull it off for their own families.

Our goal through maketimeforfamily.org is to inspire women and men with a vision to do something transcendent in their family's life.

Intentional living first involves setting goals. The goals become a plan when the plan is written and consistent. In comes E-Mealz! Here are the goals we have set~
Goal #1
Spending time with your family
Goal #2
Save time and money
Goal #3
Serve delicious food
Goal #4
Save yourself from multiple and last minute trips to the grocery store
Goal #5
Stare at your children across from the dinner table rather than into the pantry looking for a dinner idea
Goal #6
Lose weight without preparing separate meals for the family. (Every meal plan is designed to be family friendly, even the weight management plans! See sample)

a total mealtime makeover...

E-Mealz will help you to save time, money and make time for family with delicious weekly dinner menu plans everyone will love. The money saving power of E-Mealz from MealtimeMakeover.com is the reason Dave Ramsey exclusively endorsed our service for grocery budgeting and meal planning. EMealz is easy recipes with concise directions and a corresponding grocery list you just print and go. New Family Meal Plans, Meal Plans for Two, Portion Control, Low Carb, Low Fat, Vegetarian, Kroger, Publix, Wal-Mart, Any Store are organized to save you hours of work every week. Dinner ideas that answer, "What's for dinner?" once and for all, time-saving crock-pot recipes, inexpensive meals, and delicious dinner menus are at your fingertips. If you are always looking for dinner suggestions, EMealz is a clearinghouse for quick and easy meals, simple recipes, delicious meals for kids, and weight management. E-Meals is the tool for meal planning, food budgeting, grocery shopping, coupon shopping, getting the family together at dinnertime. E-Mealz is a total mealtime makeover!
See for yourself how to solve your dinner dilemma and make time for your family!
Delicious Dinner Plans On A Budget To Simplify Your Life and Save Money!

So, I haven't cooked any of the meals yet, but I did buy the groceries for 2 weeks and my total bill was incredible!  What I usually spend in 1 week, I spent in 2!  I can't wait try out the recipes.  They sound delicious and are so much fun!  Who eats blueberry muffins with dinner?  We do now!

I'll let you know how it goes!  I am so excited for my first week or "real" cooking!


Anna said...

That's awesome! I'm glad you found a good solution for your mealtime woes. :)


An Ever Grateful Heart said...

E-Mealz are wonderful...we found it years ago through Dave Ramsey. It is nice to know I always have something for dinner and I love the savings.

Jackie said...


..::k.toms::.. said...

I'll have to try this out!
Thanks for the tip friend :)


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