Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Basement Bar & TV Room

We have wanted to share this room with you forever, but because of the dark space it was so hard for us amateur photographers to get a good shot.  So we hired a professional!  Thank you Angie Seare Photography for taking such wonderful shots of Shellie's basement!

So, this space is all guy!  Her husband said this is his space and anything we purchase has to go through him first!  I think we made it a perfect guy space but also incorporated a few gal items as well.

Love the baskets on the wall!  He wanted to incorporate some of his model motorcycles into the design, so we placed them in fun baskets hung on the wall to soften them a little and to give them a fun place to hang out.

Wine corks in some fun glass vases add a little softness to the masculine bar area.

Shellie added the photo wall to display some of the fun motorcycle trips they've had with friends.  Photo walls don't seem all that masculine, but when you incorporate Nascar and motorcycles you can't ask for more!!

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