Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spens' bedroom

We have a fantastic client in Las Vegas that was looking for some help with her little boy's room.  They are currently renting their house but couldn't look at his blank beige walls for one more minute.

We gave her some fun ideas and man did she run with them!  We technically can't call this "our" design because she came up with so many wonderful items all on her own.  I guess you can say we provided the "inspiration" and she gave it wings.

Here is our original mood board.  The client wanted to incorporate the vintage "S" in his room.

Oh and just as a side note....all of the pillows and bedding were made by her!  Great style and super talented!

Quick fix to a messy problem....the client hated how her son's closet is missing doors, so we suggested some fun curtains and tie backs.

 Oh and she is also an amazing photographer!  She tooks this pic of her little one near their home in Las Vegas.  If you live in Nevada or Utah and need a photographer she is amazing! 

It's not only so much fun to see one of our finished designs, but when our clients put their own "spin" on it makes it that much better!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Gal Can Dream

With the upcoming sale of our home (hopefully), I can't help but dream about what my perfect home will be this time around.  The hubs and I built our home about 6 years ago when we had noooooo idea what we were doing.  This time I have a little experience under my belt and my expectations are much higher.  Although these beautiful pictures aren't much more than a dream, I can definitely take a little inspiration from each and every one of them!







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