Design Services

The House Undone is an interior design firm that provides a variety of design services to fit all of our client’s needs.  For those clients that are hands off or like to be heavily involved in the design process, we have what you are looking for. The sky’s the limit when it comes to The House Undone’s services.  Don’t worry if you don’t live in Salt Lake City, we have clients from all over the U.S., including California, Washington D.C. and New York!

Full Service Consulting –The House Undone designers will meet with you for a free design consultation to understand all of your design needs. From here, we handle the entire design process which includes; creating mood boards, hiring the necessary contractors, ordering, installation and follow-up. Just picture yourself walking into your new room and you didn’t have to lift a finger!
Cost: $75 per hour, and cost plus 20% on products ordered. $75 deposit required before design work begins.
(Please note there are minimum budget considerations for full service consults, please contact The House Undone for more details)

Mood Boards - If you are only looking for ideas but would like to do the decorating yourself, our mood board services are exactly what you want.  After you complete a short questionnaire, we will provide an electronic layout of items we feel would be beautiful in your space as well as the price of all items and where you can order them.  This way it allows you, the client, to go at your own pace.  If buying all of the items just isn’t in your budget, don’t worry you now have a detailed list of every item that can be purchased, when it works for you and your budget.
Cost: $75 per hour.  $75 deposit required before work begins.
(Please note there are minimum budget considerations for mood boards, please contact The House Undone for more details)

Hourly Consulting - Do you have an area or wall in your home that has frustrated you and you just don’t know what to do with it?  Or maybe you want some advice on picking out paint colors.  We believe customers are intimidated to hire interior designers because they feel like they need to decorate the entire house and they just don’t have the money.  Not at The House Undone!  We deal with various budgets and needs to ensure all of our customers are happy with their space.   As our motto goes, we will turn your “house undone” into a beautiful home complete.
Cost:  $75 per hour.  $75 deposit required before work begins.

House Staging - Are you looking to sell your home or are you a Realtor?  Let The House Undone stage your home to attract more potential buyers.  There are many tricks that can make your home dazzle!  Please see hourly consulting for pricing.


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